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The main site for Macfreewares is located at! Please go to the site for the latest updates. There are also lots of new sections available.

Because the server at undergoes regular maintenance every Saturday night, i have a mirror site up at for your convenience (although the tripod site is a little slower due to the banners). And finally, the Macfreewares site at remain online primarily as an archive site, and will be updated only once every couple of months.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for all the support. "What will become of", you asked. I am thinking about the same thing...

Read the latest updates, Macfreewares search engine ...etc

Apple System Updates including MRJ, Navigation Lib, Appearance Manager, also OS updates ...etc

CD audio players, drum machine, MP3 players, MP3 encoders, CD rippers ...etc

Stuffit Expander, Mind Expander, tar, gzip, bin, binhex, smi, zip ...etc

Pac the Man, Nanosaur, Chess, Checkers, Card games, Pinball ...etc

Draw and paint software, JPG, GIF, PICT, TIFF readers and converters, GIF animation tools, screen capture tools ...etc

Browsers, Email clients, Chat clients, FreeISP clients, FTP tools, cookies ...etc

Personal Information Manager including Address Pad, budgeters, asset tracker, scheduler ...etc

Acta, statistics, astrology, database, gradebooks, image analyses, presentation tools, image portfolios

PGP, disinfectant, software locks ...etc

Analog, HTTP, Mail, List and Web servers, FTP tools ...etc

Text editors, word processors, spell checkers, text cleaner ...etc

Alias managers, application switchers, screensavers, calculators, backup tools, font viewers ...etc

HTML editors, WYSIWYG editors, GIF animators ...etc

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